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Our Services : REACT RTS Engineering

RTS Engineering is REACTís in-house design and design / build division. Under the direction of Richard T. Shaw P.E., RTS  Engineering and its staff of engineering professionals provide full design, design management or design / build services and also provides technical support to the service and construction groups. With over 38 years of engineering and construction experience, Richard brings many talents to the table, most noticeably the ability to integrate engineering and construction as one unified element. Our engineering approach to construction and our construction approach to engineering help deliver projects that are on time, on budget and with consideration of ongoing maintenance and energy costs.
bulletHVAC / Plumbing / Sprinkler / Electrical Design Management Services
bulletDesign Development Service
bulletValue Engineering
bulletDue Diligence and Site Selection Studies
bulletPre-lease Reviews
bulletTrade Management Services
bulletEnergy Audits
bulletControlled Inspections

RTS Engineering also supports REACTís Turnkey Services Group and Mechanical Contracting services.

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