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REACT Technical, the Service and Maintenance division of REACT Industries has been servicing clients for the past 24 years. Technical services is geared to the facility management business whether for Day II operations for preventative maintenance services or complete on-site operations and maintenance. REACT has the technical expertise and experienced staff of service technicians and engineers to support your facility. These services are all backed by our 24X7 monitoring service, a fleet of service trucks and by the entire REACT Organization.

REACT Technical provides the following Day II services:

At the end of every project, there is always a flood of service and maintenance contract proposals. Some contracts are just for emergency services, while others are warranty coverage with small print and surprise billings attached. Theses contracts range from the Mechanical & Electrical Infrastructure to HVAC and Electrical Equipment, each with specific services and maintenance requirements. REACT understands that every facility has different needs so we customize a plan that includes a preventive maintenance program that will extend the life of you equipment and save the cost of emergency downtime. REACT will shake out the hidden costs, eliminate overlap and determine the proper service time, scheduling sequence, spare parts and general maintenance of all systems responsible for a facility functionality. This process will be managed through a single point of contact at REACT. Our services division will perform all contract evaluations while maintaining all warranty and manufacturer requirements.

With increased pressure for a facilityís infrastructure systems to operate efficiently and the economic reality to manage costs, owners and operators of industrial, commercial, and technology facilities are actively seeking ways to ensure that their facilities are kept up and running efficiently. During the past ten years there has been an explosion in communications and more and more pressure has been put on mission critical facilities and the systems that run them. A facility outage and or slowdown can mean disaster in terms of sales, lost revenue, potential loss of customers and negative press. Facility owners and operators are compelled now more than ever to initiate reliable and cost effective maintenance programs ensuring that their facilities are manned and operate at peak capacity on a 24X7 basis. The need to run efficiently has moved owner / operators to rely on companies that understand their facility needs and have the management services and staff on site to support them. REACTís comprehensive operations and maintenance services allows a company to maximize their equipment efficiencies which will extend equipment life and save money. This approach ensures a single point of contact for all services.

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