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Our Services : REACT Turnkey Services


As part of our Turnkey Services Group, we offer Technical Program Management Services for all of your Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Telecommunications needs. As program manager, we help you develop the program, manage and implement your program. We become an extension of your staff and a dedicated single source provider of all your Technical needs. As your program manager, we can offer the following services:

bulletMaster Planning
bulletDesign Development
bulletConceptual Budgeting
bulletValue Engineering
bulletDetailed Estimating
bulletRFP Development and Bid Analysis
bulletProcurement of Long Lead Items
bulletMEPS Coordination
bulletShop Drawing Review
bulletFactory Witness Testing
bulletConstruction Oversight
bulletQuality and Cost Control
bulletPunch List
bulletTesting and Balancing
bulletCommissioning and Acceptance Tests
bulletAcceptance of O&M Manuals and As-Built Drawings
bulletService Contract RFP and Bid Review


Energy is a word that is never overlooked in preparing year-end analysis of a companyís bottom line. In fact energy costs can cover a large part of a facility operating budget and its cost can fluctuate widely in a free market environment. Sudden price spikes can really hurt profits. Therefore wasted energy is something to identify and eliminate. REACT Industries can perform a complete and detailed review of the energy used at a facility and recommend how energy can be reduced by becoming more efficient. These recommendations can include a chiller modernization, variable speed drives, steam trap replacements, fuel conversions, lighting upgrades, BMS or even water conservation programs to name just a few. We can also help evaluate the most efficient fuel or structure a program with the utility company that will be the most cost effective for you.

bulletFeasibility Studies
bulletEnergy Audits
bulletCentral Plant/Equipment Optimization
bulletInfrastructure Upgrades
bulletDeregulation Studies

REACT is a LEED certified company that can help you work within the LEED ratings.

Turnkey services means a single source / seamless approach to a project while always providing a single point of contact. This process includes Site Selection, Pre-Construction Services, Implementation, Commissioning, Start Up as well Day II services ranging from Preventative Maintenance to complete on site Operations and Maintenance

REACT has the expertise to manage the entire MEPS process locally as well as on a national basis. Turnkey Services will start with the site selection search and will end with a comprehensive maintenance program. REACT will assist our customers in finding the right fit in the market place. Since all MEPS consultants and trade contractors are under one managed process, we will pre-plan all activities with our end users in mind. REACT will plan for items such as cooling loads, electrical requirements, telecom and all low voltage systems up front to ensure adequate shaft space, raceway, and environmental support. This process will ensure proper coordination and budgeting.

REACT Turnkey specializes in Program Management, Design Build, Energy Services, Intelligent Buildings, Mechanical & Electrical Specialty Projects, Infrastructure Upgrades, High Tech Installations, Plumbing, and Sprinklers.


bulletData Center Expansion or Consolidation
bulletCo-Generation & Total Energy Plants
bulletSpecialty Medical Support Facilities
bulletComplete Infrastructure Upgrades including Electrical, HVAC, Emergency Power Systems & Low Voltage Systems
bulletEnergy Upgrades and Retrofits
bulletDisaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
bulletBroadcasting & Recording Studios
bulletBoiler and Chiller Plants
bulletDistrict Heating & Cooling Distribution Systems
bulletIntelligent Buildings Including Integration of Security, BMS, Life Safety and Telecom
bulletClean Rooms, Laboratories
bulletPOP Sites, Collocation & Web Hosting
bulletSwitch and Cell Sites
bulletRefrigerated Warehouse

Energy consumption and its costs are major concerns to companies today and the need to conserve energy and protect the environment is undeniable. World energy consumption is projected to increase by 40% between 2005 and 2020. In particular, electricity usage is projected to grow by 67% to 22 Trillion kilowatt hours by 2020.

REACT Turnkey Services has developed a full service energy group that has recently been selected by Global Energy Group, Inc. (www.gegsolutions.com) to be their representative for their line of High-Efficiency Unitary Air Conditioners in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and South East Florida. Global Energy Group Incís efficient line of air cooled units meet the growing concerns of life cycle costs. Globalís products incorporate two patented technologies to create a distinctive line of products that are head and shoulders above the competition. Globalís ongoing mission is to remain the absolute leader in creating cost-effective, energy-saving solutions. That commitment has led them to focus on heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to reduce energy consumption and choose REACT as a Services Partner. REACT will be the certified installer for Globalís retrofit unit, the EER+, as well as the Inventor Series 1400 rooftop units.

REACT Energy Group is a Global certified installer and service representative for these new energy efficient air cooled systems. As part of our partner agreement REACTís technical division will be responsible for all product support such as warranties and preventive maintenance. REACTíS technicians are highly skilled and are trained to maintain a companies energy investment. In order to provide our customers with the very best experience and reliability the industry has to offer, REACT Industries will direct all support services from our headquarters in Long Island City as well as from our branch offices and affiliate companies located in New York City, Newark New Jersey, Jupiter and Delray Beach Florida.

REACT Turnkey Energy Services

   EER+ can be put in service with new air cooled equipment to improve tonnage and reduce electrical consumption. The EER+ can also be added as a retrofit to existing equipment. and increase the efficiency by up to 40%.
bulletEER+ can be applied to the following equipment
bulletAll air cooled rooftop packaged unit
bulletAir-Cooled Chillers (retrofit/upgrade or new installation)
bulletSplit-System air-conditioning and heat pump systems
bulletRack refrigeration systems
bulletSCAV air cooled package units

What is EER+?
The EER+ is a heat exchange system that uses two normally wasted components, condensate water and indoor exhaust air, to increase the overall system capacity and efficiencies.

INVENTOR SERIES 1400 is an air cooled rooftop unit with EER+ technology built in. This line of products is "head and shoulders" above the competition. In fact, when the competition touts their 'part load' performances, they do not even match the Inventor Series1400 full load performances. Inventor has an EER rating of over 13 EER, the highest in the industry.
The Inventor is Energy Star rated

REACT Turnkey Services is supported by REACT Technical and RTS Engineering

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